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Welcome to the Toot Police [TooT] wiki. We are an online gaming community for friendly, lovely people who want to have fun playing online games with others.

This wiki is very experimental atm. Logged-in tooters can make changes - if you want to edit the site, click the “Register” link in the top right, submit the completed form, and then ask Bennish to add your username to the “tooter” group.

Games we play

We play various games, including (but not limited to) these…

Click the links above for more information about how we play them.


We have an active Discord server for text and voice chat - if you'd like to join [TooT], we will send you an invite. Message Bennish#5301 if you want to join.

Discord Guide


At the time of writing, we have 49 members on Discord (varying levels of activity), but there are plenty of people in the Guild Wars 2 guild who aren't on Discord. Here is a list of the members who coud be bothered to add themselves to this list…

Nickname a.k.a. Location Games played
Bennish Ben Kennish, Orange Overlord, Combatter England Guild Wars 2, Warframe, Minecraft, Rocket League
Ryou Who, Mike Littoris, Eparlana Spain Guild Wars 2, Warframe, League of Legends, Black Desert Online, Shaiya
Nis Overworker Germany Guild Wars 2, League of Legends

Feel free to add yourself to the table above once you've registered a user account and asked Ben to give you permissions. Or just tell Ben what to add and he'll add it for you. If you want to do it yourself, you just need to copy one of the existing user lines, paste it at the bottom and then change the values (leave the '|' symbols alone)


Toot Police began life as a group of friends within a gaming community that Bennish (then using the cringeworthy tag “Combatter”) belonged to called “The Conclave”. There was a group within it and they called themselves “The Woot Police” but they were mainly a bunch of arrogant and toxic pricks. He set up a “rival” group as a piss take and called it “The Toot Police”.

This became a Guild Wars guild “The Toot Police [TooT]” (established sometime around 2005??) which continued outside The Conclave after Bennish was kicked out left.

When Guild Wars 2 was released, [TooT] set up there but a bug in the game meant that the original guild had to be abandoned and a new one created without the “The” in the name, i.e. “Toot Police [TooT]”

Upon the release of the “Heart of Thorns” expansion, [TooT] didn't have enough active members to claim a Guild Hall and Bennish, disheartened and suffering with mental health issues at the time, decided to let the guild become inactive and join another guild. Around October 2019, Bennish decided that he was fed up with the politics of the other guild and was unimpressed with the poor leadership, and so, with the help of Kyala, resurrected [TooT], set up a Discord server, and recruited new members. A guild hall was soon obtained and the guild grew rapidly.

In June 2020, [TooT] became a gaming community with support for multiple games : adding in Warframe, Minecraft, and Rocket League.

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