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If you want to join the Discord server, someone can send you an invite link which has a secret code in. It's a great way of voice chatting with others during games and keeping touch with people outside of the games. We also use it to organise fun events. We recommend that you get the Discord app on your phone as well as your PC. Alternatively, Discord can be used within a modern browser without the need to even install anything at all (but it lacks certain cool features that the app has, such as screen sharing)!


There are a number of roles that you can have on the server. The most basic of which is “Tooters” which will be assigned to you when you introduce yourself to prove that you are not a bot or a spy 😉. There are roles for the games that we support (“Guild Warriors”, “Minecrafters”, “Cocketeers” (for Rocket League), etc) which will be granted to you automatically as you join in with things (although you can always ask me to add/remove any of these roles to/from your account whenever you like.) Finally there are the honorary roles that change the colour of your name and are given out to special members from time to time.

Your nickname

Discord allows you to set your nickname on a per-server basis. Please ensure that the nickname you have on the TooT server is something that allows others to recognise you from your name(s) in the game(s) that you play with us. Here's how to change your nickname for the TooT server only (only possible once you have been given the Tooters role):


  1. With the TooT server selected, scroll down the members list (on the right hand side) and find yourself
  2. Right-click your name and click “Edit Server Profile”
  3. Type the nickname in and click “Save Changes” at the bottom


  1. With the TooT server selected, swipe left to show the members list.
  2. Touch yourself (not in that way!) and press “Manage User”
  3. Enter a new nickname in “Change Nickname” and then press the blue 'save' circle that appears in the bottom right.


When you first join the server, the default settings are for you to receive notifications whenever anyone posts a message in any of the text channels. You may want to change this on a per-channel basis. Here is how…


  1. Make sure you have the “Toot Police” server selected on the left hand side (the triple heart logo)
  2. Right click the text channel (they have a “#” icon, e.g. #guildwars2)
  3. Click “Notification Settings”.
  4. Click “Only @mentions” so that you will be only notified if someone specifically tags you or a role that you have
  5. Repeat for any other channels that you're not that interested in


  1. Swipe a finger across from the left side of the screen to reveal the server and channel list
  2. Touch the “Toot Police” server icon (the triple heart logo) if it's not selected already
  3. Hold your finger down on the text channel (they have a “#” icon, e.g. #guildwars2)
  4. Touch “Notification Settings”
  5. Touch “Only @mentions” so that you will be only notified if someone specifically tags you or a role that you have
  6. Repeat for any other channels that you're not that interested in


You can also “mute” a channel or the entire TooT server. This is different to changing the notification settings as it also prevents unread indicators and, unlike changing notification settings, it can also be activated for a temporary period of time (the mute will turn itself off automatically). A temporary mute is often useful if there's an active conversation going on in one channel that you're not particularly interested in or if you just don't want to be disturbed by Discord for a while. Please do not permanently mute the whole server (or the #announcements channel) as it then means we have no real way to notify you of upcoming events.

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