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Rocket League

The [TooT] Rocket League club is called “The Three Cocketeers [TTC]“ - it's a play on words for the historical adventure novel "The Three Musketeers", the in-game title "Rocketeer" earned at XP level 100 (there is no XP requirement to join the club), and the fact that we play like a bunch of total cocks (although not all of our members have cocks (i.e. they are female)). There are more than three of us - to be precise, the club has 17 members (at the time of writing). Ranks range from bronze to champion.

Oh btw, Psyonix won't allow any clubs to have the word “cock” in any more but for some reason they didn't go back and check the existing club names and force those that already had “cock” in to change their names. So yeah, join us and get to be part of the very few clubs with a swear word in their name!

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