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We have a private Minecraft server with a world that's been running since 24th June 2020. You can only join if you are a [TooT] member (it's a whitelisted server). If you want to be added to the whitelist, please message Bennish.

Our world


Here's some examples of things you're not allowed to do on the server…

  • Don't cheat! (e.g. do not use x-ray mods or attempt to obtain the world seed). If in any doubt as to whether what you are doing or want to do is considered cheating, please just ask Bennish)
  • Don't mess with another player's home / elaborate constructions
  • Don't add / remove items from another player's chests/armor stands/hoppers etc without their permission
  • Don't kill another player's animals without their permission
  • Don't try to kill / hurt other players (PvP mode is off but there are still ways of achieving this) nor their horses, wolves, cats, etc
  • Don't go near a village that is being used by another player as a farm base/settlement if you have the “Bad Omen” effect on you (this is given if you kill an Illager captain) as this triggers a raid. The effect can be removed by drinking a bucket of milk but it also times out after 1h40m.

If you are found to be breaking the rules, your access to the server may be revoked (i.e. you may be removed from the whitelist).

"Votes to Reveal"

If you want Bennish to reveal certain information about the world to everyone (e.g. the location of the nearest Woodland Mansion, Nether Fortress, or a certain biome) then you can ask him and he will post the proposal on the #announcements Discord channel tagging “@Minecrafters”. If, after a reasonable amount of time (about 48 hours), none of the players (including Bennish) disagree with the information being made available, he will post the info on the #minecraft channel.

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