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Decorating the Guild Hall

All tooters who are “Sergeant” ranked or higher (the role icon that looks like a shield with a “+” sign on), have the “Decorator” role and can place, move, and remove decorations in the [TooT] guild hall!

To do this, go to the guild hall (press G and then the “Guild Hall” button in the top right), then press G, select the “Storage” tab on the left (looks like a chest), click “Decorations” and then either double click a decoration you want to place, or click the “Decorate” button. Whilst in “decorator” mode, you can place a decoration using skill 1, remove decorations using skills 2-5 (skill 2 to remove a specific single decoration and skills 3-5 to remove all decorations in an area - please be careful with these), and you can select what decoration to place using skill 6. Please don't troll or remove any decorations that someone else has placed without their permission. If you do any of these things, you may be demoted, or maybe even kicked from the guild if what you did was particularly malicious.


Decorations are placed into the 'decoration storage' immediately when acquired and are then available to place for anyone in the guild using the method listed above. They are not found in the regular Guild Bank. They are limited in quantity - once all the “Basic Chairs” are placed in the GH, no more can be placed unless some are removed (and placed back into storage) or more are purchased.

Acquiring Decorations

You can buy some decorations from merchants in the Guild Hall:

  1. Fion [Guild Decoration Trader]
  2. Cullen [Master Scribe]

Others may need to be crafted by someone with a Scribe crafting profession. I (Bennish) have a max level Scribe (lvl 400) . If you want something crafted, please let me know and I'll do my best to craft it for you.

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